We offer a complete line of tooling for stone and porcelain products. Through continuous innovative technology, consistent quality control, and aggressive research, our manufacturer has been able to produce high quality diamond tools at distributor’s pricing for the industry.


Wet Polishing Pads

Wet polishing pads are designed to give a high gloss finish on all straight or contoure granite and marble edges.
Eash polishing pad is produced with the highest quality diamonds in an ultra flexible resin matrix.
Wet polishing pads are also flexible for use on intricate shapes. 2mm, 2.6mm and 3mm thickness wet pads are available.


Dry Polishing Pads

Dry polishing pads can be used wet or dry. You can polish an edge or even the face of granite & marble without the need for water.
Dry pads are more flexible for ogee edges and under mount sink polishing.


Rubber Backer Pads/Snail Lock

Rubber backer pads with high strength adhesive prevent any separation of Velcro from the rubber backer itself.
Snail lock backer pads for automatic machine are available.


Turbo Blades

Turbo blades are proven for top performance and are an exceptional value. Considered to be the finest blades available in the stone industry. Turbo blades can be used both wet and dry cutting on granite, hard marble, concrete or masonry applications.


Wave Turbo Blades

Wave turbo blades improve cutting performance by minimizing the frictional heat during cutting. Also, the rim shape cutting edge ensures outstanding safety.


Electropalated Marble Blades

Electroplated marble blades were professionally constructed to cut medium to soft marble. These blades will efficiently cut through marble without any chipping or scratching.


Core Drill Bits

Core drills are designed for fast, chip-free drilling of granite, marble and tiles and glass with water. These bits are available with a convenient 5/8″ female thread and can be used on both drill presses and hand held grinders. 2″, 4″ and 6″ core travel are available in all bits.


Router Bits

Performance, durability and precision are the philosophy of our router bits. 3mm of diamond depth is highly competitive.
We use the highest grade diamonds which have extremely toughness and thermal stability.


Snail Lock Cup Wheels

Sail lock cup wheels for your automatic machine offer a unique mixture of the finest diamonds in a fine metal compound.
These snail lock cup wheels are used for fast automatic edge shaping.


Cup Wheels

Cup wheels & T-segmented cup wheels are guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding craftsman. Also aluminum body cup wheels instead of steel body to put less stress on your angle grinder are available.
Continuous rim & segmented type are available. Coarse & medium grit are available.